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Specific Parts Order

Specific Parts Order


0,01 EUR

add. the appropriate shipping costs
Delivery Time: 3 -14 Days from 2,20€


Order individual components only buy what you are missing.

Except SMT Parts. 

Typically, we have a small inventory of all components for the Barton Musical Circuits PCBs and the eMiZ Instruments PCBs

Write in the comment field on the second order page how much and which parts you are missing.

To complete the order you have to expect a bit.

Take this table to help:

An example: You need 2 resistors and a 100nf capacitor.

That's € 0.09. This product costs € 0.01. So add this product 9 times to the cart.


Price per piece
Resistor 0,03€
Capacitor Ceramic 100nf 0,03€
Capacitor Ceramic General 0,10€
Capacitor Poly 0,20€
Diode 1N4148 0,01€
Diode General 0,10€
Elko 10µF 0,03€
Elko General 0,22€
IC Precision Socket 0,33€
Power Connector 0,33€
Volatge Regulator 0,49€
Chrystal Oscilator 0,49€
further on request

If something is not in the table just write us before ordering

Price list serves as an approximate guide.


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